Bearas Shop

About Beara’s Shop

Beara’s Shop is owned by me, Tamara, the self-proclaimed otaku therapist! My mission is to spread mental health awareness and empower everyone to be their unapologetic self. Beara’s shop hopes to achieve this goal by selling apparel and accessories including t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, and much more! My hope is for all of my customers to feel a sense of connection, empathy, and support that carries them throughout their journey. 


Access mental health resources HERE 

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Meet the Otaku Therapist

Hi, my peeps! My name is Tamara and I am the owner and designer of Beara’s Shop. I am a real Therapist (Marriage and Family Therapist to be exact!). Outside of working full-time, I am the Director of Programs and Operations of a non-profit for at-risk youth, an avid anime binge-watcher, art/culture enthusiast, and food connoisseur. Creating apparel and accessory designs was my dream as a child and having the opportunity to marry (no pun intended) this with my goal of spreading mental health awareness is a dream come true! I’m so grateful to you all for supporting my passions and can’t wait to inspire some of you!

Story Behind the Name

Honestly, I’m not completely sure of the name’s origin story myself. Beara was a nickname I have been called all my life. My cousin swears the name was born after she mispronounced “Tamara” as “Beara” (aww so cute!) and it stuck ever since. But no one has confirmed this alleged story yet. Regardless of the origin, it became a fond part of myself that became my only choice for a business name!

The Beara Girls

The Beara Girls consist of Pyua (aka Py Py), Genmetsu (aka Genny), Azamuku (aka Muku), and Nemui (aka Nemu). All of them represent the four most significant stages of my life including childhood, middle school, high school, and college. Like most people, we go through several stages and moments that define the next steps we take and these were the four for me. Py Py signifies my innocent childlike self, Genny represents my disillusioned and misunderstood self in middle school, Muku symbolizes the facade I put on in high school to mentally survive, and Nemu is the exhausted college student and the current working-class person I am. Although these stages were rough, they are what helps me create all my designs! Look forward to more Beara Girls in the future!