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Not Giving Up is Killing You

Not giving up is killing you. There have been so many times in my life where I started something and knew almost instantly I didn’t want to do it, that I had no interest in continuing it, or that it would serve me any purpose or provide any joy. But I finished the task anyways. I myself started down my career simply because I wanted the fastest way out of school and parental expectations. I had many opportunities in the beginning to stop and take the time to find out what I wanted but I didn’t. I kept going until the bitter end. I feared so many things like disappointing my parents, fear of the student loans I already racked up, fear of starting over without a backup plan, or knowing what I wanted for my life. I suffered for so long, only to take the leap in making my own business and finding my passion now. I started from zero and threw away everything for the chance of SOMETHING.

I share my story to say that starting over is scary and there may not be any immediate return on the gamble you make but I promise the change in you has occurred. My business hasn’t gone viral, and I barely get any sales, but I enjoy my business, I enjoy meeting and chatting with customers and other business owners. I have gained back my confidence in myself that I lost long ago, and I finally feel the pressure on my chest lifting. I have true joy for the first time in many MANY years. And no, it’s not because I started my own business but it’s because I chose to start over and try again to make a life I want to live with no regrets.

Take the step. I believe in you. You will succeed.

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