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It really does take a village to raise a child but it also takes a country to support its people. There are so many people, organizations, and charities available who wish to help the community, but many go unused due to a lack of knowledge of what’s available. Helping the community and connecting those in need to resources and knowledge has always been a passion of mine, hence creating this resource page.

Here I provide a list of various resources that I have been able to compile over the years. Please understand that because I live in Orlando I have a lot of resources for this area, however, I plan to develop the other resource lists as well. Expect to find mental health, financial, food, housing, legal, medical, transportation, pregnancy, and many more resources. I plan to continue to add to this resource page as I get more information and fact-check them.

Note: This list isn’t everything available in these areas and may have changed since I added them, so please do some research into these yourselves to make sure they can match your needs. Hope this helps someone or someone you know in their time of need!

Coping Activies