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Understand Your Worth

Up until recently, my life has been to please others, to make people proud, to make people happy, comfortable, safe, or to entertain them. Even after I realized my own patterns I couldn’t break the comfort of doing something I’m familiar with even if it meant I wasn’t happy. My value as a individual person became dependent on how people perceived me and in order to nurture that value I nurture the wants of others over myself. It was suffocating. The funny thing was that it took me being burnout for me to find myself. To put ME first. To respect my wishes and needs first. To VALUE every single part that made me me. Those were the lessons I learned and they are the ones I carry with me now. 

I tell this story because don’t let culture, religion, perceived gender roles, others expectations and wants dictate your worth. You are worthy because you are you. Let your feelings, thoughts, and experiences guide you and fill you with confidence that you are the rarest of flowers that need to be nurtured. 💛

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